Rheinbahn-KombiTicket for EUCMOS 2014

The fees for the conference include the special Rheinbahn-KombiTicket for EUCMOS 2014.
The ticket is valid from Sunday August 24, 2014 (00:00 clock) to Friday August 29, 2014 (24:00 clock). This Rheinbahn-KombiTicket for EUCMOS 2014 allows: Free round-trip ride with the VRR transport (2nd class) in the city of Düsseldorf. This KombiTicket is not transferable.

Campus map (only in German)
The Campus map lists all buses with stops, that drive on the Campus. This map shows also the trams which are leading to the Campus.
Internet: http://www.rheinbahn.de/fahrplan/karten/Seiten/Campusfahrplan.aspx

Buses and trams in the city of Düsseldorf
Stops of buses and trams in Düsseldorf (only in German)
Internet: http://www.rheinbahn.de/fahrplan/karten/Seiten/linienplan.aspx
And then you just click on the button: Düsseldorf

Rheinbahn map - Düsseldorf
The Rheinbahn map - Düsseldorf in different languages
(German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Turkish)
Internet: http://www.rheinbahn.com/fahrplan/Seiten/Linienplan---verschiedene-Sprachen.aspx